CS198: How to Build the Future

Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm, 105 North Gate Hall

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What is this?

There’s no better place to explore building a startup than during your time as a student at UC Berkeley. Surrounded by ambitious & talented people and industry leading professors, there’s endless potential to create the next big thing. This course is designed to teach and inspire students to use their knowledge to build startups. We will be going over the basic building blocks of a successful startup and connect this knowledge to emerging fields. In addition, we will be providing an overview of the startup scene at Berkeley, pointing out resources ready to help students get a headstart.

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Class Schedule + Speakers

Classes are on Thursdays from 6:30 - 8:00PM, at 105 North Gate Hall. The first day of class is on 2/8.

Auditing policy: Seats are reserved for registered students but empty seats will be filled in on a first come first serve basis.

Week Of Content Speaker
2/8/2018 Jeremy Fiance Partner at the House Fund, Co-Founder of Free Ventures
2/15/2018 Jeremy Blalock

Richard Henrikson

Abboud Chaballout
Co-Founder & CEO, Proton App

Co-Founder & CEO, Ongo Science

Founder, Diagnoss

2/22/2018 TBA
3/1/2018 James Crawford Founder & CEO, Orbital Insight
3/8/2018 Linden Tibbets Co-Founder & CEO, IFTTT
3/15/2018 Jini Kim Founder & CEO, Nuna Health
3/22/2018 Marshawn Lynch NFL Player; Founder, Beast Mode
3/29/2018 No Class - Spring Break No Class - Spring Break
4/5/2018 Erin Wade Co-Founder & CEO, Homeroom
4/12/2018 Patrick Collison Co-Founder & CEO, Stripe
4/19/2018 Sarah Guo Partner, Greylock VC
4/26/2018 Michael Seibel CEO & Partner, Y Combinator

Past speakers video and notes are available here.


Homework will be released every Thursday and due the following Thursday at the end class.

Course Policies


The class will have required articles for reading. These articles will be used to complete the written paper.

Reading for 02/22

Reading for 03/01

Outside of articles for the paper, there is no required reading in this class. We do have a couple of recommended books:

  • Zero to One (Peter Thiel)
  • The Hard Things about Hard Things (Ben Horowitz)
  • Hackers and Painters (Paul Graham)

Required Materials

A computer with internet access is required to complete assignment. If a student is unable to access a computer we will also take assignments on paper on a case by case basis.

About The Class

Build the Future is a student run DeCal class founded by Jimmy Liu and Zuhayeer Musa. We started the class to serve as an important bridge for more students to explore entrepreneurial pathways. While there are a lot of entrepreneurial resources available at Berkeley, there is no easy introduction to the startup scene and we hope our course will pave the road for future founders.

We are hosted and sponsored by The House, a startup institute built for Berkeley, and home to Berkeley’s founders. The House helps build foundations for great businesses with a support platform providing founders at all stages with what they need, when they need it.

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Advisors: Jimmy Liu, Zuhayeer Musa, Gurshaan Madan, Cameron Baradar

Faculty Sponsor: Scott Shenker