EP1: Welcome Class of '25, Crypto Classes, and work at Dorm Room Fund!


Welcome New Bears!

Congratulations (and good luck) to the newly admitted class of ‘25! Please reach out to any of us if you’d like to talk more about our “number 3” entrepreneurship program in the nation. If you haven’t already, too, check out the Class of ‘25 Facebook page. As new incoming freshmen, these are great for sizing up roommates based on what memes they sad react and collectively getting excited about the next semester — hopefully in-person!

Berkeley also announced that it would run the Changemaker program in Oakland Mills college. This is a pre-first-semester–summer program that’s a tight-knit, single-room–guaranteed way to get acclimated into Berkeley before stepping foot on campus specifically for newly admitted students!

Crypto and Cal

Berkeley launched arguably the first decentralized finance (DeFi) class at a university ever! The course that combines computer science and finance will be led by Professors Dawn Song and Christine Parlour. Although aimed primarily at PhD students, undergrads can also take the course that will be rife with lectures about smart contracts and blockchain tech!

Last week, Cal also partnered with Parity Tech, the company behind Polkadot, the sixth-largest blockchain ecosystem in the world. Parity is building the infrastructure for Web 3.0, allowing blockchains to operate both together and at scale. The partnership entails Parity "[working] with UC Berkeley’s faculty and students in curriculum preparation, project ideas and other initiatives" and “[advising] students and entrepreneurs looking to launch their next blockchain startup”.

Work at Dorm Room Fund (DRF)!

DRF is hiring across all roles for their HQ team — operators that work alongside the firm, enabling investments through initiatives in content, design, engineering, marketing and more! Applications are due on the 18th.