A Rolling Guide to Berkeley Ecosystem

Odds are you’ve walked through Sproul and at any given time there were at least 8 different people trying to give you their organization’s spiel. Arms outstretched, they chorus: “Would you like to join ABC?”

We’ve been there. And we remember the sensory and auditory overload that accompanies walking through Sproul during the first week of the semester. There’s a whole host of student organizations at Berkeley but deciding which ones to apply to is always hard. The incredible variety also doesn’t make navigating the ecosystem easier at all.  What’s easy to spot, however, is the strong undercurrent of entrepreneurship that flows through campus — be it through incubators, student-led VC funds, or even design and consulting organizations, the spirit of innovation is definitely hard to miss on the Berkeley campus.

In continuing to foster that same entrepreneurial spirit, below is a rundown of organizations we’d turn to in the Berkeley ecosystem, from student clubs that will equip you with the skills needed to code/design/build models to incubators and VC funds that will help you navigate the labyrinth of getting funded and launching.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll populate this guide with a deep dive into each organization, trying to understand what their secret sauce is and distilling down everything anyone needs to navigate the collection of Cal clubs quickly.


Blueprint is a group that provides software pro-bono for nonprofits and promotes the use of tech for social good, working alongside organizations such as 1951 Coffee, the San Francisco Art Institute, and Veterans 360. Blueprint has been consistent in helping cultivate software talent for several years now and serves as a main outlet for students to use their technical know-how to make tangible impact. To help expand on their role on campus, we were joined by Nick Wong ‘22, a CS major and technical program lead at Blueprint!

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As this guide gets fleshed out, if you or someone you know would provide a good view on the inside of entrepreneurial organizations on campus, please reach out to us!